Chris’ Origin Story

Chris William Williams is the forthcoming author of The Quakers novels, Pinhole comics, Lifespan screenplay, and Unknowable short stories, published between 2020 and 2030. He's an avid political activist, technical writer, public speaker, teacher, and fan of speculative fiction—among other things. Born on May 5th, he mostly grew up in the woods and underwater along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Chris left upstate New York for a couple of years to attend California State University (CSU) at Chico where he picked up digital photography (as an elective and a hobby) then spent every-possible weekend living and traveling with friends in NorCal. He later returned home to graduate from the State University of New York at Brockport in 2009 and earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree in English Literature & Childhood Education. With years of teaching experience (through various middle- and high-school programs during his adolescence) and his new degree, Chris was ready to take on just about anything the EDU could throw at him.

Except the global financial crisis of 2009.

While school districts gutted their faculty rosters (and pensions), he had rent, food, and student loans to pay for (not in that order), so Chris made the leap into Photography full-time by packing up and moving himself to NYC.

This took him from his small town to the big city where he worked and managed a portrait studio, among other tech. jobs, until being hired by the largest camera retailer in the world: B&H Photo.

As a technical writer there he wrote thousands of articles, announcements, and product descriptions to help photographers find the things they needed to take better photos. He first wrote down the idea for The Quakers book series on December 27th, 2012 (at exactly 9:45:31 PM) into his beloved Evernote app. Back at work, he was in the midst of transferring from the cubicles of the writing department to the front lines of the retail SuperStore, and over the next seven years, he outlined the plots for each book and began writing the first novel.

Chris met his wife at B&H, a cashier at the store, over bowls of soup one day in October 2014. They grew closer ever since and she proceeded to become the greatest thing to ever happen to him. They began dating that winter, fell in love by February, and she moved into his Aladdin-style street-rat apartment a few months into their relationship—before moving to their own beautiful 8th floor apartment in the sky—overlooking the Bronx Zoo.

Their wedding reception never happened though, as the downward spiral of political discourse and immigration policy in the United States took hold. The two of them postponed the reception twice, and ultimately canceled it after two years. They would never get that particular wedding celebration they dreamed of for all those years, but at least they'd thankfully had the chance to get married at all.

The couple continue to live in their Bronx apartment, though Joyce has gone away to study Sign Language Interpretation on two different occasions—living 300 miles apart for a full semester at a time. It cut years off of her graduation date, though, and allowed them to afford college while still living on one income in NYC. Joyce hopes to ultimately complete her studies via Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. (or the University of Rochester in upstate New York) before they ultimately move to the Dominican Republic to build secular deaf schools for the children and adults of her home island. Chris hopes to sell enough books by then so he can live/work from home and put food on the table for her, after-class!


I haven't written any books yet. But I have written things, (like writing this!) and I've started this blog (and several expired ones) out of necessity—because I’ve always wanted to be a writer and best-selling author (whether I knew it or not). ✍️

Like you, it never seemed like something I could do, or had time to do. It made sense that other people could make a living with their writing but I had a retail job, and bills, and worries, and fears, and a million other reasons that it just wasn't working out for me, too.

But today is always the best day to start, so I chose to start writing publicly (even if nobody else reads it) so that, at the very least, I could document my journey. 🗺️ I knew the kind of writers and authors I admired, and the life I wanted to have, so changing my habits was fundamental in making that happen.

So A Stab In The Dark (ASITD, or "Acid" 🧪) is here as much for you as it is for me. It's a promise to myself—and can be the same for yourself—that we are Writers, we shall write, and we are going to finish the damn thing. Simple, right? 😅

But it sure ain't easy.

We're here because we want to become published authors but we haven't had the time, or more accurately: haven't made the time, that it takes to get there. ⏳ We know the frustrations of wishing to be a writer, without having to take all of the necessary steps to get there, and we're finally ready for action.

Which bring us here, to the ground floor of a seemingly insurmountable tower—without an elevator (Prepare for cardio!). 💓 This is going to take a lot of work, it's going to take a lot of time, and we've got to come prepared for both (with a healthy dose of constructive criticism) in order to reach the top and publish our first books (hooray! 🎉).

Then we’ll inevitably notice the next tower and have to start the climb all over again on Book #2 (crap! 😆).

So won't you join me? It's dangerous to go alone. Take us! 🗡️ Make the leap. Take a stab. Join the writing community and share your story. Build the habits and momentum that'll get us to where we want to be already.

Here at ASITD.com I'll share with you the entire process, from day 1 (or however many thousands of days it’s been since I previously started, before this blog), of how I'm just another human being, becoming a writer before our very eyes. Again, my name is Chris—as in Christopher William Williams from Instagram/Twitter—and as weird as my name is (it's a funny story) I'm not yet an award-winning, best-selling, Twitter-famous, Instagram personality.

I'm one of us: just a guy with a blog who wants to publish his first book!

Wanna know how the story ends? 🤷‍♂️ Then sign up for my daily weekly once-in-a-while newsletter below to learn as we go and see what crazy, unexpected and incredible things end up happening along the way.

Thanks y’all,

-Chris William Williams 🤓