Chris’ Story Blurbs

Novels, and comics, and screenplays—oh my!



The Quakers [9-novel series]

“Alice in Wonderland meets Tomb Raider”

Anabél Ocampo, a young woman studying for her doctorate degree at UCLA, has joined one of the first public tours through the Mojave Desert’s Mitchell Caverns after it was shut down for years due to state budget cuts. Though Ana has gone spelunking before, nothing could have prepared her for the journey what awaits her in the cave—shaped like a skull.

Pinhole [comics]

“What if everything was true? Every legend, monster, and myth.”

During a routine eye-exam for her first New York driver’s license, 20 year old Emelín Santos discovers that there’s something wrong with one of her eyes but her doctors can’t explain it. Trying—and failing—not to freak out, Emma begins seeing things that don’t make any sense, and catches glimpses of things that don’t belong in our world.

Lifespan [screenplay]

“What if your secret could change the world?”

A genetic researcher stumbles upon strange lab results and grows interested in its implications. Her boss squashes it and tells her to follow the research they’re paid to do, but she can’t shake the thought. Upon opening this Pandora’s Box, her team, management, corporations, and even governments want her discovery destroyed. Once the news breaks she is thrown into direct opposition of global power structures that will affect billions of people and trillions of dollars—if she survives long enough to get her research out to the public.

Unknowable [short stories]

"Not merely forgotten."

Daniel has it all: his choice of any NYC penthouse in the world, access to unlimited money, and zero consequences for his actions. The problem? He's effectively invisible.

Nobody can remember that he even existed if they lose sight of him. Even on camera. They experience instant amnesia and don't even know that they forgot. He's a bug in the collective human consciousness.

What would you do if nobody could remember ever experiencing your existence? How would you cope with the lifelong isolation? These are his stories.