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Done is Better Than Perfect

Done is Better Than Perfect

I’ve struggled with this for so long that it’s become a regret.

My first blog ever was on MySpace sometime around 2007 (Who knows anymore? They deleted everything! 😭), and it was the only one that I ever updated regularly for years and years. Looking back, I think this was because I wasn’t afraid to post, it was just something that I did. It was written for me, but I was sharing it with anybody who would listen. It was a blog, a diary, a journal, a log, poetry, prose, and I wasn’t afraid to share things there—hell, I even wanted to share them.

So what happened to my 6 WordPress sites, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram, Medium, WattPad, Mirakee, and this website ever since then? I always drop off the map and fail to keep posting to them. Often it’s not even the first post on a site that petrifies me—because that’s invariably a “welcome!/this is me/just getting started” post that I feel obligated to create on every new medium. 😅

No, instead, it’s the second post that always gets me. Once I’ve opened the door on a new website and stand there looking out into the world, my hermit-reflexes kick in and I slam the door feeling I have nothing to contribute to society as a whole. I hoard notes, post ideas, blog drafts, but go nowhere.

"Hiding until it's perfect is a fool's game. You put yourself out there, you start, you practice, practice out loud, then you get feedback and you grow." — Simon Sinek

It’s what I’ve always done. 😔 I have so many blog post ideas tucked away inside my little Evernote app that…wait, let me see…I’m gonna go count them real quick. Just a second!



115,245 words! 😳

That’s insane. I have more than enough words to fill up a weighty sci-fi novel just in potential blog post notes. It’s gotten this bad because I’m the type of person who has always feared freelancing because I tell myself “I’ll run out of ideas, eventually” and won’t be able to sustain anything for long periods of time.

So what do I do?

I post nothing, create nothing, and sustain nothing for long periods of time! 🤦‍♂️ I’m doing what I fear the most, which is stagnating while being deathly afraid of stagnating. That’s exactly what it is, too. Fear. Fear of what other people will think (I think) though I don’t know where it came from. It’s probably the stigma of being in school and having people make fun of you—but internalized for 30-ish years!

Now that I think about it, I was so afraid to speak in class as a kid. I was the one in class who often knew the correct answers to the teacher’s questions but never raised their hand because I was afraid of all the people around me hearing me say the wrong thing. Even though I knew the answer! Have you ever felt that?

I have to remember that, in order to truly take a stab, forge my own path, and do the kind of creative work I am compelled to do:

I need to give myself permission to take the risks and step forward into the dark. 🕯️

There isn’t anyone up ahead of you—on your path—to show you the way. There may be others who have gone in similar directions but they are not ahead of you, they are merely walking down their own path too. Don’t bother to compare paths, because you’re not going the same way, or to the same place, anyway.

Choose to forge your own path, be your own torchbearer and scare away the dark! Do the things that get you to where you want to go. Make the things you’ve been dreaming of making and bring them out of the dark into existence. Maybe you, like me, have been writing in secret or hoarding notes for a lifetime, but we must all understand and admit that we cannot edit a blank page or an unfinished draft. 📜 You can’t tweak unwritten code or change unrecorded footage. Create first and ask questions later!

Done is better than perfect.

This is always easier said than done (pun intended? Is that even a pun?), but at least—this time—it’s being said and done at the same time in this blog post. 😁

Go watch early interviews of Steve Jobs…he’s terrible! But the point is, he practices, and he practices, and he practices as he gets better—but he does it out loud.” — Simon Sinek

So, here’s my promise to y’all, and to me:

I am going to keep documenting my journey, writing out loud for all to see (well, whoever finds us down here, anyway) and by doing so I will learn, with you, what it takes to become a: first-draft finisher, consistent blogger, published author, and writer of best-selling novels. That’s the goal, and this is how it gets done. 🔏

"Talking to the world about your truth, about what you believe, is the game!” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Your point of view, as a fellow human being living in this world, is golden. It is uniquely yours and no one will see it exactly the same as you do. What you’ve experienced, what you believe, where you grew up, how you grew up, those are your mental and social strands of DNA that are entirely your own. Just like the genetic DNA passed down to you from your parents and ancestors: you can pay forward your mental and social DNA by sharing your story, your art, your thoughts, and your work with others. Documenting your uniquely individual process of becoming whatever it is you want to become is a journey only you can walk along, and one that nobody else can copy or share it quite like you can.

Documenting instead of creating is the torch you carry on your path into the dark. Show others how you’re doing what you do or getting to where you’re going to, and let them see that you are just like them, but choosing to forge your own path and light the way for others to choose theirs.

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