Pinhole is a Young-Adult Urban Fantasy comic book series that follows the protagonist during a life-altering bout with demonic powers—in a world of paranormal horror, witchcraft, and mythology. [tags: speculative fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, apocalyptic]

The story begins with our protagonist, Emelín “Emma” Santos, on a routine visit to the eye-doctor because she recently failed the eye-exam for a New York driver’s license. What she doesn’t know, though, is that her Abuela—back in the Dominican Republic—was just murdered. She’ll get that call in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, back in New York City, the eye-doctor begins acting strange and Emma gets him to confess that there’s something confusing him about one of her eyes but he doesn’t know why, exactly. This throws her anxiety into overdrive and she reluctantly takes his referral to see a specialist once it’s obvious he’s no more help to her. Though the entire ordeal had already cost her half-a-week’s pay that she was planning to use at the DMV in the first place.

Over the following weeks while commuting to work on the NYC subway, and visiting the specialist a few times, Emma begins to have strange experiences she cannot explain. She catches glimpses of movement out the corner of her eye and imagines seeing shadows at the end of hallways, or silhouettes in windows, that are never there when she actually builds the courage to look up and check them. That is, until the things she’s been seeing start staring back at her.

Emma’s Abuela is still hoping she’ll figure everything out before it’s too late.