The Quakers


The Quakers series is a 9-part Adult Speculative-Fiction ennealogy with Action-Adventure elements that follows the protagonist’s perilous journey of self-discovery in a world of Indigenous Futurism and deep ecology. [tags: speculative fiction, science fiction, alternate history, survival, indigenous futurism, utopian, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic]

Arc 1, Book 1 introduces us to our protagonist, Anabél “Ana” Ocampo, outside of a cave shaped like a skull in the Mojave Desert (which really does exist). When you meet her, Ana has been waiting months for the opportunity to venture inside because it contains the only limestone caves in the entire California State Park system. As a She knows they have been the focus of several scientific studies and that they contain rather extraordinary rock formations not found in other limestone caves. All of this changes when Ana finds herself miles below the Earth’s surface and rescued (or is it captured?) by a previously undiscovered group of humans living deep underground and unable to reach the surface.